Celebrity lash effects
Celebrity lash effectS
Including technical unit and Pixy effect
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Celebrity lash effects unit
07. Pixy effect
Celebrity lash effect technical unit
01. Three-point modelling
02. Feather twisting problem
03. Ways of lash attachment
04. Distance
05. Direction
06. Wrong direction, incorrect attachment
07. Curls and their mixture
08. Lash growth direction
09. Celebrity lash extensions failure
01. Effect Mascara (eyeliner effect)
02. Wet effect
03. Wet effect with shading
04. American style effect
05. The feathers
06. False lash effect
07. Pixy effect
08. Who suits these effects?
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The mission is to set new standards in the eyelash extensions industry, to raise the lash masters' level of development, create a powerful networking platform and gather professionals from all over the world.
Championships, conferences, trainings - the company itself motivates all involved to strive for the best. Lash extension for us is more than just creating beauty. It's more an inspiration and opportunities.
MetaLash championship gives you motivation and inspiration.
Metalash conference and our educational products give you opportunities.
In 2023 I got the Ericsson University Coaching Certificate (Canada).

My regalia short list:
⁃ 7 years beauty-coach experience
⁃ Certified coach
⁃ MetaLash championship and conference organiser
⁃ Multiple championships judge
⁃ Winner of championships in the USA and Russia (over 30 rewards)
⁃ International speaker
⁃ Winner of "The best Training Centre 2020" reward
⁃ Certified beauty-coach
⁃ Author of my own methods and coaching programs
⁃ Founder of certified training centre
⁃ Owner of eternal tweezers brand
For 7 year experience, online educational products were shown more than 29000 times. Over 13000 students.
I started my career in lash industry 8 years ago. I had no idea where it goes but I fell in love from the first lash. I enjoyed the result, my clients' transformation. They felt more confident and more handsome. This changed their lives.
My second love is coaching. I understood that I could help people like I used to be become successful and increase their income. I understood that I could give the opportunity to girls from all over the world to improve their quality of life, to become independent, the ability to allow their children what they want.
Today I'm the chief of Lash by M. Vovchenko (including MetaLash structural unit). I share my experience, my coaching methods, my working techniques, my energy with other masters on master-classes, online courses, and conferences. This is the way I contribute to the lash industry development. I always search new methods and techniques. As improving myself I can improve others. Neither the system, nor the person, nor the family, nor the company, nor the country exist in a vacuum. To have our favourite profession exist and evolve we should all work on it. I encourage competitiveness.
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